Your Guide to KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU

Following on the heels of DockerCon SF, the team is packing their bags and heading to Barcelona for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU from May 20- 23. Docker employees, community members and Docker captains will be there speaking about and demonstrating Docker and Kubernetes.
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Get Involved with Open Source
Get involved in and learn more about some of the projects Docker has been working on with the Kubernetes community:

containerd – the core container runtime that was recently graduated from the CNCF and is in use by millions of users
Notary/TUF –  a project designed to address the key security challenge for enterprises working with containers
Docker Compose on Kubernetes – a recently open-sourced project that enables users to take a Docker Compose file and translates it into Kubernetes resources.

Also, there is an opportunity to join Docker and Microsoft in contributing to the Cloud Native Application Bundle (CNAB) specification – an open source, cloud-agnostic specification for packaging and running distributed applications. With CNAB, organizations can package Helm charts, Kubernetes YAML files and Docker Compose files in a single format that is easily shareable and distributed in Docker Hub and Docker Trusted Registry.
Learn More from Docker Experts
KubeCon will also provide a great opportunity to learn from industry experts and hear from those working with Kubernetes for their production applications. To help you navigate your way through the hundreds of sessions, Docker has put together a helpful guide to key talks being given during the event:
Tuesday, May 21

Building Images Efficiently and Securely on Kubernetes with BuildKit – Akihiro Suda, NTT Corporation – In this talk, Akihiro shows practical tips for running BuildKit on Kubernetes clusters.
Intro: TUF / Notary – Justin Cappos, NYU & Justin Cormack, Docker – This talk provides an accessible overview of two CNCF projects (Notary and TUF), that provide what has been roundly described as the most secure mechanism for distributing software.
Intro to CNAB: Packaging Cloud Native Applications with Multiple Toolchains – Chris Crone, Docker- This talk will introduce the Cloud Native Application Bundle (CNAB) specification and tooling
Panel Discussion: GitOps & Best Practices for Cloud Native CI/CD –Allison Richardet, Asteris, LLC; Laura Tacho, CloudBees; Ivan Pedrazas, State Street; Tracy Miranda, CloudBees; and Alexis Richardson, Weaveworks – This panel provides insights into GitOps, best practices for CI/CD for cloud native and tooling that can help automate these practices. It also features end user stories of their experiences learning the best ways to setup CI/CD for their specific applications and needs

Wednesday, May 22

Inside the CNCF Project Security Reviews – Justin Cormack, Docker   – The talk will cover how to make the most of a security review, what to expect from it, what to bring to the review process, and how to maximise the benefits of a review. It will be illustrated with details of the review process for the Notary and TUF audits from the inside as I was involved in this process, and with a detailed analysis of the public reports, including Prometheus, CoreDNS, Envoy, containerd and more.
5 Steps to Building Inclusive Communities – Ashlynn Polini, Docker – With 10 DockerCons under her belt, Ashlynn Polini shares the secrets behind creating inclusive events and programs for developers and operator communities
Service Meshes: At What Cost? – Lee Calcote, Layer5 & Girish Ranganathan SolarWinds – This talk will share methodology and results of performance testing research done in collaboration with a university, through the lens an open source service mesh benchmark tool – a tool used to provide a common benchmark across service meshes (their control planes, like Istio) and modern proxies (their data planes, like Envoy).

Thursday, May 23

Storage Provisioning for Kubernetes on Windows – Anusha Ragunathan & Jean Rouge, Docker – As support for Windows container workloads on Kubernetes heads to GA, the ecosystem will need robust storage interfaces for the many Windows apps that need to manage state. This session will explore the foundational constructs around persistent storage in Kubernetes, go over existing mechanisms in-tree that support stateful Windows workloads, dive into enhancements necessary in existing external storage provisioners and discuss the future of the space.
Intro + Deep Dive: containerd – Wei Fu, Alibaba & Mike Brown, IBM – This talk will give attendees an overview of how they extend/modify containerd to support enhanced integrations for custom production deployments.

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