Community Blog Round Up 06 January 2020

Welcome to the new DECADE! It was super awesome to run the blog script and see not one, not two, but THREE new articles by the amazing Adam Young who tinkered with Keystone, TripleO, and containers over the break. And while Lars only wrote one article, it’s the ultimate guide to the Open Virtual Network within OpenStack. Sit back, relax, and inhale four great articles from the RDO Community.
Running the TripleO Keystone Container in OpenShift by Adam Young
Now that I can run the TripleO version of Keystone via podman, I want to try running it in OpenShift.
Official TripleO Keystone Images by Adam Young
My recent forays into running containerized Keystone images have been based on a Centos base image with RPMs installed on top of it. But TripleO does not run this way; it runs via containers. Some notes as I look into them.
OVN and DHCP: A minimal example by Lars Kellogg-Stedman
Introduction A long time ago, I wrote an article all about OpenStack Neutron (which at that time was called Quantum). That served as an excellent reference for a number of years, but if you’ve deployed a recent version of OpenStack you may have noticed that the network architecture looks completely different. The network namespaces previously used to implement routers and dhcp servers are gone (along with iptables rules and other features), and have been replaced by OVN (“Open Virtual Network”).
keystone-db-init in OpenShift by Adam Young
Before I can run Keystone in a container, I need to initialize the database. This is as true for running in Kubernetes as it was using podman. Here’s how I got keystone-db-init to work.
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